Author: Yellow Duckie
I must admit that to find a true Bahraini Cuisine in Bahrain is not easy. Food found here are either Labanese, Iranian or the American Junk food. According to my Bahraini Colleague, the truly Bahraini food are:

Muhammar - Sweet rice served with dates

Machboos - a dish of meat or fish served with rice

Here are some of the examples of the local flavours which I believe is not uniquely Bahrain's:
Halwa Bahraini - a jelly flavoured with saffron and nuts
Khubz - flatbread
Qoozi - grilled lamb stuffed with rice, boiled eggs and spices
Samboosa - a small, often moon-shaped pastry filled with chickpeas, minced meat or cheese
Sharwama - lamb or chicken carved from a rotating spit and served in a pita wrap
Hammour Fish- a kind of grouper , known to the chinese as "Sek Pan". I thought this fish is so common here that it can be obtained at a cheap price, however I was told this was not the case, although it is common, this fish can fetch up to 7 BD per kg!
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On December 6, 2008 at 11:51:00 PM GMT+3 , masduqi said...

I like your blog friend...
its so beautiful...!

On December 15, 2008 at 10:41:00 PM GMT+3 , Yellow Duckie said...

Thank you...I am glad you enjoyed it! Will try to update it as much as I can.

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