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The way...:(

The Door

View as you enter the front door

Kitchen (without windows for my herbs :( )



Living Hall

The err... if I can call it the theater bed room??

Closet ? or backstage of the theater?
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Due to my procrastination, instead of heading way up to the North of Sweden to catch the Northern light and immerse myself in tonnes of snow, I ended up freezing myself by a little town called Rättvik(pronounce ret-vik) of Lake Siljan (Sil-yan). I would say this is my first road trip where I totally have not planned for and as you might have guess, I was totally lost when I got here.

Kommunhus and the Dala Horse
I did not expect the weather to be so cold and leaving my skiing gloves behind was a bad idea. On top of that, I refuse to buy a snow shoe to protect my feet from the cold thinking that spring would soon be here, another big mistake.
The journey takes about 4 hours train from Stockholm Central to Rättvik. This is one of few towns that is by Lake Siljan. Upon arrival, the town seems almost deserted. I was fore warned by Emelie that Good friday would be a bad day to be out in town as most shops will close early and people usually stay home during such occassion. So I kind of expected it. I couldn't check in until 5 pm as it is a normal that they only open the hostel for registration at that hour so I ended up filling my tummy at a kebab stall.

Although I was only in Rättvik for one night, this place is a great place to be (when you have proper warm gloves and warm sh0es) for a good escape from town. People tells me that swedes take pride in their country's natural beauty and it's not hard to see why. This place in one of the best place to catch the scenic pitcture of the rivers, lake and mountain.

From the bill boards or signpost on the street, i can see that this town is indeeed painted with the creativity of their folklores. Music and art plays an important part of in structuring this town.

Looking across from the train station, you will catch a picturesque hill lined with the typical red swedish houses. To me, it's like seeing the pictures in Ikea coming to live.

I have to admit that apart from Skiing, there is pretty much nothing to do here in this town, especially during this festive season, Easter (Glad Påsk). In the morning ( before 10 am, opening time for the easter season) the town looks deserted, then for 4 hours after that, you will see that the streets are filled with people that you wonder where they have been hiding all these while. After the shop close, the town returns to it's deserted stated.
I intend to take it easy by taking long walk around the lakes and rivers, however, due to the lack of warm clothings, I find myself running into shelter every now and then. It may not sound interesting but here are some of the places you can visit while you're here:
1. Visit/stay at the Rättviksparken
This is where the hostel is. I must say I am totally awe-struck by the architecture of the hostel. I love this place and it's super clean! The hostel is built out of logs! This park is huge and there are places for camping and for trailers. It's like a little town itself. Unfortuantely, at this weather it is quite deserted. I believe that during summer, the scene with change.

STF Youth Hostle, Rättviksparken

Sunset at Rättviksparken

2. Visit the Rättvik Church
I will called it the church in the garden of death (with no offense). This church is practically surrounded by a labyrinth of tombstone (neatly arranged). It's almost like a garden at the palace. Funny thing is that this place doesn't feel eerie at all. I had a great time looking at the different tombstone and I noticed, most of them place a lamp by the tombstone, somehow I feel that it must be symbolic.

Most Unique tombstone!

3. Go Skiing at the nearest ski slope, Slalombacken.
I don't want to type much as I still feel the heartache of being so close yet so far. I wanted to hit the slope on the snow board, unfortunately, they don't rent out garments so I am forced to leave as I didn't want to be soaking wet after a half day session.

4. Stroll along the Långbryggan
Strecthing out 628 m from the shore, it offers a splendid view of the town from the sea and enjoy the view of Lake Siljan.

5. Stroll along the town.
Although it's small, it does have some interesting shop especially the antiques shops. I must admit that I am a sucker for antiques shop...not that I can afford but taking a look does gives me some satisfaction.
6. Enjoy a book in a nice warm cafe
This cafe is along the main street in town, unfortunately, I didn't managed to get the name of the shop. It's so cozy and I actually had my breakfast and lunch there!

There are more interesting activities here during summer. I supposed I will make another trip back to the towns around this area when the weather gets better.
For more pictures, please refer to my album in Facebook.

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I was thrilled that I finally get to catch some snow in Stockholm. This may seems to be a normal and annoying occurence for a normal swede but for me I just can't wait to find myself beneath the heaven that shed these white flakes that covers the ground of the earth. It didn't take me long to join the normal swede to despise these heavenly flakes.

First of all, it's freezing cold and the wind is blowing violently at you as you bring yourself to walk to your office building unsheltered. Then in the midst of bracing through the freezing temperature, you'll find these heavenly flakes flying from all over the place into your face. To make the matter worst, the weather was not cold enough to keep these flakes as they are when it reaches the ground. Instead it melted and created puddles of water all over the walk way.

Way to the Office

Vew from my office

Me with the lovely scarf given to me by members of EP Palm
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No doubt, Sweden's cost of living is very high. I was doing some groceries shopping last week and here's what RM 158 gets me:
1. 1 packet of 20 Lipton Teabags
2. 397 gram of chicken meat
3. 150 ml of Milk
4. 2 pieces of carrots
5. 2 pieces of potatoes
6. 1 packet of Button Mushroom
7. 1 tub of yogurt (500 gram)
8. 1 packet of Kraft Cheddar cheese
9. 1 Piece of tomato
10. 1 packet of grapes
11. 1 packet of Ham
12. A loaf of bread
13. 150 gram of fine salt
14. 125 g of butter
15. 6 medium size eggs
16. 300g of Lindtt Chocolate