Author: Yellow Duckie
Day 6

We made a trip to the Cultural village to take a look at the "Orang Asli" houses. Although the initially plan was to visit a real live house but the cost was simply off the budget so we settled with the cultural village, live-like size houses and I must say, for the minor fee od Rm45, you'll get to the all the different houses. Quite a good deal I must say!

Grinding Rice Posted by Hello

The heat was quite unbearable after lunch time and it drobve us to seek shelter in the air-cond room. To kill time we borrowed a box of scrabble and knock ourselves out with it!

An afternoon game Posted by Hello

We then spend the later part of the afternoon stolling along the beach and share our thoughts away!

Casting Shadow Posted by Hello
Author: Yellow Duckie
Day 5

The following morning, we took a flight out of Kota Kinabalu to Kuching. Shortly after our arrival, we got a ride from our hotel and headed off straight to Damai Beach, Kuching.

A perfect gateway for the weary souls of the city! We checked in to Holiday Inn Damai Beach and soon found ourselves wondering off the the beach nearby.

Where the river meets the ocean Posted by Hello

The have a fairly decent beach, which I suspect is man made due to the massive amount of tiny rocks on the shore. The picture above is taken somewhere at the end of the resort, which I think it's really interesting as this is my first time see a river that flows into the ocean! The water in between is actually not SALTY!