Author: Yellow Duckie
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Author: Yellow Duckie
I recall the first time I stepped onto the Kenyan soil in July last year, the first tree that caught my attention was the beautiful Jacaranda trees. When in full bloom the entire tree is purple. Not a single green was found on the tree. It was like a purple torch that lights up the streets of Nairobi.
This year, perhaps it's due to the weather change, the bloom came only in late September early October (or at least this is when I noticed them).
Author: Yellow Duckie
Apart from being known as well dressed, the Kenyans are quite particular about the apparence of their shoes. Regardless of what job they are working as, they will definitely be well dressed in suits (which I sometimes think it's a little overdressed) and the sight of them either sitting on the bench by the road side having their shoes polished or them bending down wiping their shoes off the dirt. I find this quite amusing as most of them walk on dirt roads and yet taking the trouble to have them clean up and dirtied again within the next 5 seconds...