Author: Yellow Duckie
Looking for a relaxing weekend away from Nairobi and yet not willing to travel too far? Look no further. Tigoni has got just what you need, away from the busy Nairobi. Just about 30 mins from Village Market will take you to the beautiful landscape of tea plantations in Tigoni. Just by driving in this area itself is therapeutic.
As to my knowledge here are the 3 places where you could choose to enjoy this area:
Kiambethu Tea Farm
Personally I have not tried this but did drop by one time to find out what this place offer. For 1,700 KSH per head, you will get a tour of the 1-acre virgin forest , a short lecture on roasting tea and home-cooked lunch by the owner with the ingredients fresh from her garden. After lunch, you are more than welcome to hang around her garden which I have to say, that it is really green and neat.

Please take note that one day notice is required and that you will have to be thereby 1130 am.
For reservations, please call 0733 769 976 or 0729 290 894.
Directions: From Village Market, continue on Limuru Road (with Village Market on your right). You will pass a little town known as Banana Hill. Once you pass Banana Hill, watch out for the Kentmere Club (take note there are ALOT of sign boards at this junction). Take right at this junction and travel down this road until you reach the sign for Limuru Girls School on your right. Take this right turning and drive along this road pass the Kenchic factory, Lumuru Girls school which is about 100 m from the tea farm.

This place is more flexible (no fixed time) in comparison to the Kiambethu farm where you are free to turn up anytime and still have food served. However, this is a seminary and which also has conference facility. Selection of food here is quite good and reasonably priced. There isn't nothing much on the ground but loads of greens and a children's playground.

Thanks to my friend's determination to find a tea plantation around Brackenhurst where she can run freely in between the tea bush, we actually found it. Just about 5 mins walk from the Brackenhurst main gate, you will find a beautiful vast tea plantations where you can roam freely at your leisure.

There is also a 1-km running trail where the starting point is jut right in front of the main gate.
Directions: Same direction as to Kiambethu Tea Farm except that you DON'T turn into the Limuru Girls school junction, you carried on until you see the Brackenhurst sign on your left.
Waterfalls Inn
This place could have been better but the owner did not bother to up keep the place. There is small waterfall in the area. The view in this area is nice however, the whole place look run down and pretty much abandon. A picnic and camp site is also available in this area.

There is a 250 KSH per pax chargeable at the entrance.

Directions: The entrance to the Waterfall Inn is before the Kiambethu Farm.