Author: Yellow Duckie
Patience is one of the key essence one should have while living in Kenya (as stressed in my tip for survival in Kenya). While having to deal with the banks, ticket reservations and etc, I noticed something about the way Kenyan works. Perhaps I am too quick to judge but I can't help it but to notice it EVERYWHERE : They get distracted easily.

I find it really hard to keep their concentration in finishing their transaction with you. For example, while I was at the bank settling my bank account, the financial customer representative would be working on processing my account and suddenly you see her attention distracted on the issue going on in the next counter. This happens in the bank, at the cashier in the supermarket, at air ticketing office, etc. Now I know why it takes them so long to get things moving.

The only time I get a full attention is when I was at the forex where each counter has its own room :P

Sawa sawa ~ It's OK...
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