Author: Yellow Duckie
Apart from the heat, it's funny that Zambia actually gives me a sense of comfort. I am not too sure what it is but the clean and smooth roads leading from the airport to the office certainly were the major contributions to how I felt about this place. I was actually impressed. If anyone tells me they are worry about the state of hygiene in Africa, I would probably feel more at ease here than back home in KL.

Zambia is actually beautiful, one thing that caught my eyes were the fire cracker trees (that's what I'd call them) that line the streets of Zambia. They were really stunning!

Zambian has good a great sense of hospitality. I love the genuine warm they have in them and they simply hold no reservations when it comes to showing their smile. The best part of it is that you know that they don't have any hidden agenda in being nice to you.

Lunch at Rasphody (South African Chain Restaurant) in the Arcade was my most memorable moment during my bried stay in Zambia. I was annoyed with the flies that hovers around so I asked the waitress for a candle to keep the flies away. When the waitress left the table to fulfill my request, my colleague simply smirk and said, I hope you get your candle. I then, understood my colleague's remark upon seeing this:

Simply steps on how to make this: First you spray Mortein (strong substances that was intended to kill mosquitoes) into the ashtray, then you grab a bunch of tissue and spray them with more Mortein and put it into the ashtray..tada...there you go, the candle that keep the flies away...the Zambian way.
As nice as this place can but, it's actually quite boring. I don't know how would one survive as there are no major shopping mall, except for some pathetic looking stores at the arcade. I suppose the outdoor activities plays a big part of the filling one's time here.
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