Author: Yellow Duckie
When it comes to the month of August, tourist and locals alike will flock the great Masai Mara to witness one of "National Geographic Event" : The Great Wildbeest Migration.
Although I have to admit that I am beginning to get tired of sitting for hours in the car hunting to catch a glimpse of the wild animals, I am glad that this trip truly did not disappointed me.

My countdown of the list of exciting "encounters" during this particular Safari trips are:
The great Migration (Of course)
I must admit that the amount of safari jeep surrounding the viewing site was quite intimidating. It was at the same time quite exhilirating as we were not allowed to drive close to the river bank until the wildbeest starts crossing (this can be a few minutes to a couple of hours wait), once they started crossing the river, all the jeeps fights for a space as they inch closer to the river bank for a good view.
While the crossing was carried out, one tiny crocodile glided from upstream towards the wildbeest. We were thinking that this could be our lucky day to witness the crocodile eating the wildbeest but instead, it got trampled over by the wildbeest and escape unhurt.

The Leopard playing "Cat and Mice chase" with the Hare
Just inches away from our jeep, a leopard was preying on a hare, who seems to be quite oblivion to its surrounding. Though hare may seems to be oblivion that the Leopard had its eyes fixed on it, the Leopard eventually did not manage to get hold of the hare regardless of the countless tactics it has tried. I guess the Hare ws quite aware that it was on danger ground all along.

Crocodiles had its lunch by the riverbank full of wildbeest
This was quite unexpected (again there is nothing "expected" when it comes to safari). We were enjoying the view of a huge group of wildbeest lowering their heads by the river bank for a drink when out of a sudden, a huge crocodile jumps up from the river and grab hold of one of the unlucky wildbeest. The crocodile pulls the wildbeest into the water, drowning it while being joined by a few another crocodiles as they devour their lunch. Indeed, it is our lucky day :) (Perhaps not fo that poor wildbeest)
Good shot of a masai man (our tour guide)
I would recommend the guide from Riverside Camp. Thus far, my friends and I never got disappointed using their service. They really know their stuffs.