Author: Yellow Duckie
Bahrain can be a boring place but today, I changed my mind about this place. Jumping straight out of a meeting with the procurement in the morning, I joined another event that was held at the Bahrain F1 circuit with another bunch of customer. Definitely a bunch who knows how to have fun :)

When F1 is not on, they turn the F1 circuit into a fun park for extreme sports. When they say extreme sports, they do mean Extreme sports, not go-kart( lawn mower machine that goes 80KM/H). They mean lotus engine that runs 180 KM/H ...
... and driving (yes, you actually get to drive them) a HUMMER through tough terrains and incredibly steep slope! I was apprehensive about driving one but I did it anyway, with my high heels and I survived :P

So the next time you feel bored in the kingdom, head straight to the F1 circuit and put your heart to its ultimate test!
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On November 30, 2008 at 5:08:00 PM GMT+3 , Anonymous said...

Wah, jason must like those cars (;

♥ Jamie