Author: Yellow Duckie
Just when I thought Bahrain is all about the luxury in enjoying the best things in life, I managed to get a glimpse of how life is for the locals. This is the place where things are not over priced and not housed in the shelves of fine luxury malls: Isa Town.
The first time I was here, I couldn't help but to drown myself in the Japanese 100 Yen Concept Store, however it's 650 Fils (~ abt 1.70 USD) I would say as it is fixed at 650 fils for each item, unless specified. Besides this shop, there is a huge electronic haven, a shoe shop and a Lebanese Trading center which turns out to be another super market.

Apart from these, what sets this town to be more realistic (compared to the luxury picture painted to me in Seef Area) are the stores in this area. There are rows of shops that carries goods at a reasonable price and of course, in a less luxury manner. You can find spices, carpets, upholstery, furnitures, antiques and second hand goods! It does feels like the Jatuchak Market in Bangkok except the items sold were alot more less interesting that those in Jatuchak.


Junk Yard
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