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When I was first told about this “mysteriously” place, I have decided to make my way there and see it for myself. Situated not far away from Nairobi (about an hour’s drive without the bumps and the stopovers), I was expecting to see this place where gravity does not exist.

To my dismay, this place is just part of the road which we have been traveling on and instead of expecting the water to shoot up towards the sky, it fell straight to the ground just as it should have been when you pour it out from the bottle onto the ground. The only thing which was “so-called” amazing was that the water than reaches the ground tends to run up towards the slope of the road instead of downwards. According to my colleagues, the scientific explanation to this is “Illusion optics” where the higher end of the road is actually far closer to the center of gravity compare the other end of the road which appear (to our naked eyes) to be at the lower inclination of the slope. What ever it is, I could hardly believe that we survived through the bumpy ride to see this…quite a disappointment if you ask me.
Machakos: The so called miraculous place or road...

Despite the disappointment, I can’t deny that the journey itself compensates our disappointments with a few interesting stops along the way:

Field of Camels : With the mark on their humps, these camels obviously have an owner. It was fascinating to be among these gentle animals and not seeing them in the cage. The best thing was that they did not see us as threatening as we got closer, they just went on enjoying their meal.

Scenic : Masai herd. I must admit that after this incident, I was a little upset about the Masai. Truth is, it’s my fault as I was rather ignorant about their customs and beliefs. Right after taking this shot, the owner of this herd, came running after us with a rock in his hand. According to my driver, he was attempting to break the wind shield of our car as we have taken shots of his herd without permission. His rage was the result that something bad happened to his herd the last time one of the “muzungos” (Foreigners) took a picture of his herd. So beware when you want to take pictures, especially of the Masai and their cow (which is deemed more important than women or life itself).

School: We passed by the School where I was told that a tragic incident has kept this school closed for couple of years before it continue to run as its designated role in the community. This incident took place some time ago where a group of boys decided to rape and kill a few of their female schoolmates to show their discontent over the food served in the school. These girls were buried within the school compound and a memorial stone was set up for them.

Road side store: Fresh vegetables and fruits at local prices!
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