Author: Yellow Duckie
After so many years of visitng my hometown, it never dawn upon me that I should keep blog about those food which I crave so much and never fail to eat when I give this town a visit. Although I failed to take picture of my favourite pork noodle ( i would give up my world for a bowl of it), I hope I will remember to capture it with my digital cam in my next visit.

Ham Jin Peng (Flour dough flavoured with the Chinese 5 spice)
When I first moved to KL, I could not find this, however, they are beginning to sell this at Food Republic in Pavillion and The Gardens.

Stew Beef Noodle

Fried Pork Fillet
Specialty of Sandakan, this pork fillets are eaten with Koay Teow ( flat rice noodle) in their special soy sauce.

Beef Noodle (Kam Heong Ngiau Chap)
A variation to what Vietnam has, the beef noodle in KK should not be missed! Although it's sold at RM 6.5 per bowl, it's worth every single cent! This shop can be found along Jalan Lintas, unfortunately I could not recall the exact street this shop is on.

Till then, this is tentatively all I have. To be quite honest, I have such a long list which I failed to let my tongue enjoy the pleasure of their flavour because of the Chinese New Year break where most of these famous eateries in KK is closed for the holidays.