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Although I didn't quite like the particular spot they've placed me but I've grown to love my tiny 47 sqm apartment and of course, the convenience of this location.

Spring is in the air: Park above the train station

I did a little survey today to get to know my neighbourhood a little and took a half an hour walk to a nearby park, Hagaparken. It was mentioned that this is one of the "tourist attraction" ( more for the locals) as this place house a palace where King Gustav and his sister grew up. It's a huge park and due to the lack of time, I did not managed to go through the entire park but here are some teasers.

Nature Trail

Spring: Sign of life blossoming

Ekotemplet (Temple of Echo) : Built as the King's dinning hall where all secret whispered here will be revealed.

Field overlooking the Lake

The Lake

Ahh... the swan or the same family...

This park is perfect for a jog, walk, picnic and you name it. Although the weather is still a little chilly to be out there, i had a great time relaxing by the side of the lake feeding the ducks with all my left over bread.

I think I am beginning to like this town.
Author: Yellow Duckie
Here's somethings I picked up at the florist to put a little "spring" into my apartment :)

Author: Yellow Duckie
Finally I got some time to update my blog and to begin with, here's some interesting discoveries I learnt about the Easter (Glad Påsk ~ pronounced Glad Posk) celebration here in Sweden. All this facts are contributed by word of mouth from my manager.

This is what easter is all about in Sweden (outside of church, of course) :


Semlor : Pastries stuff with Almond cream

Yellow chicks, painted eggs and WITCHES! Yes, even witches.

I was told that during easter, some of the family will set up a bon fire and little girls will dressed up as little witches with their cheeks painted with red dots. Story has it that it could be that in the past, during easter, a bon fire is set up outside your lawn to keep witches away. How this got incorporated into Easter, I really don't know.

Easter of course, marks the beginning of spring, however, this year, the weather was a little cranky and instead of covering the earth with bed of colourful wildflowers, it was covered with snow.

Apart from church, Easter has lost all it's initial meaning in Stockholm.. :(