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Climbing Mt Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa, is never in my "TO-DO" list but that doesn't mean I should miss the opportunity the view of this majestic mountain. Hence the road trip around Mt Kenya..literally around it.

Bracing through the messy traffic in Thika, we finally left the city heading towards the town called Embu. There are couple of major towns around Mt Kenya which serves as the base for experienced hikers that have made the decision to conquer the mountain and Embu happened to be one of them. I must admit that there is nothing particularly interesting here.

Before arriving at Embu, we pass through the region known as the Mwea National reserve. This is where I would call it the rice bowl of kenya as most of the Pishori rice (Basmati like) sold in the supermarkets are produced here. I paid 150 Kenya shillings (KSH) for 1 kg and later found out that you could get rice from this region in Nakumatt (local supermarket) in Nairobi for only 133 KSH! But supposed, the money goes directly into their pocket...

From Embu we head towards Meru , Nanyuki and completing the circle near Nyeri before heading back to Nairobi. The journey was not too disappointing although there were not many scenic point as have expected. I enjoyed the road from Meru to Nanyuki. Thus far, I believe that part has got the best scenic point of the mountain besides the breathe taking view of the sunflower fields and the fresh green wheat fields. For self catering guests, there is a huge Nakumatt in Meru, where you can get decent lunch and stock up for your stay in the Meru National park or even your hike up to Mt Kenya.

At the equator

Miraa is famous in this region. It is a leafy twig which is actually a mild stimulant.It is chewed and said to give you flow ideas while you are at it. These mild stimulants' potency diminishes after 48 hours thus the Miraa drivers has got excellent skills in driving from the Meru region to Nairobi Wilson airport and have it transported to Mogadishu (where Miraa is widely used in Somalia) ASAP.

Fields of Sunflower

The "Microsoft" screensaver scenery...

The Peak of Mt Kenya

This road trip took almost 12 hours with minimal stopovers and extended stay to wait for the cloud to shift away from the peak of the mountain so that we can get a good shot of it.
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Sunset caught at Le Gnoush Conquiche ~ waterfront that overlooks the city of Maname from Muharraq's side (island where the Bahrain airport is)

It was hazy due to the "sandstorm" and definitely not a perfect day to catch sunset.

The sun just disappeared into the "haze"
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Driving in Bahrain can be quite a challenge. Apart from the well maintained road, except for some disruption from the construction, knowing your way around is crucial here. Believe it or not, I actually spent almost 40 mins trying to get my way out of the city center to the main street..thank God that petrol here cost only 0.3 USD here.

For one, the sign board in Bahrain is hopeless...and I thought Malaysia was bad. I tried searching for the famous Tree of Life but I ended up in Durrat Al-Bahrain (the furthest point in the south of Bahrain). Although I eventually did find it, it was with much difficulties...the sign board just stop appearing after a while and worst part is that if you are coming from the other side of the road, you will definitely not see it as it was intended for traffic in the opposite direction. Sometimes, the sign boards are even hidden amongst the bushes...

Generally, the drivers here are impatient and selfish. Impatient to the point that a few seconds if your car doesn't move at the green light, you will definitelly get hooted at. As for selfish, it doesn't matter whose right of road it is, I'm charging forward and you will have to give way.
Parking? I have no complains. Perhaps is the ample parking space they have here or the population here is just so little that I never seems to be having problem finding a space for my car. Those days in One U (Shopping mall in Malaysia) seem so distance now where finding a parking space can be an hour affair. Be it in the shopping mall, hospital or market, there is always a spot ready for your car.
Apart from these, I must admit that driving in Bahrain is quite a comfort.
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Bahrain, at one glance may seem to have nothing attractive apart from the F1 Circuit and for me, the extravaganza Shopping mall. However, there is something I discover (although I knew it all along) is that the night scene in Bahrain is quite a sight to behold.

Fountain with the Financial Harbor as Background

This country does not seem to have much of their own resources to survive on and yet it is well developed for the comfort of the residents here. There is no lacking in this country. One thing for sure is that they definitely know how to light up their works of architecture.

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My first shot of the Moon :)
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Good things are always discovered by accident and it was the case for my discovery of a night market in Jidhafs. All it took was a wrong turn. Situated right on Jidhafs Avenue, the night market is actually a market place for both morning and night. I was beyond thrilled when I found out that there is a market right behind where I stay.

Nectarines from Egypt.
However, shopping there was quite unpleasant as they usually charged foreigner a higher price. I discovered this after buying 1 (yes, 1 pathetic beetroot) as he initially charged me 500 fils (Equivalent about 1.8 USD) and later only charged me 100 fils for it when I eventually pay after giving him a reluctance look.

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Bahrain is a cosmopolitan city that is full of life and compare to its neighbouring country, it's tolerant for liberty is fairly high. In this city, you will definitely never go hungry and dining here is quite an experience that you'll never forget. There is a whole long list of restaurants right from the affoardable meals at the local join to the fancy restaurants to satisfy your taste bud.

Here are some of my favourites:

Chin Li
Tel: +973 1771 7717
Serving excellent chinese food which I believe the taste tends to lean towards the Malaysian tongue :)

Swan Lake
Manama City
Near Bab Al-Bahrain (with the Gate behind you, turn left and the shop is at the first right lane)
I used to dislike Philippino food until I tried it here. My personal favourite is the Bulalo (Beef soup) and BBQ pork.

Aadliya (One of the store along the path where all the restaurants are)
For some reason, I really like the food served in this Thai restaurant. The setup is not too fancy but the food is as close as I can get to those found in Thailand :) Pork has to be requested seperately as it is not found in the menu.

+973 1774 9222
Featured in all the maps and magazine, this place is an Asian food paradise. You can find all the South East Asian food here. The ambience is superb, inspired by a Baliness palace, however the food, I must say that the taste is still far from the real thing.

Cafe Lilou
Al Ali Shopping Mall
For a taste of great mushroom soup and heavenly dessert, this would be the place I personally recommend. The setup is chic and stylish. However, be prepared for the expensive price tag for the food.

Le Chocolate
+973 1758 2259
Be prepared to be swept of by the creativity of the pastry chef. The moment you step into the store, you will be greeted by the wide array of desserts which will make you compromise on the diet program you are on. Apart from the pastries, the pasta and pizza served are delicious too. I would save a perfect place for lunch, tea or dinner.

La Fountaine
Ras Ruman
+973 1723 0123
This is where I would call it my hideout. Serving excellent international cuisine with a relaxing ambience, I couldn't think of a more relaxing place than this. The restaurant overlooks the courtyard with a spanish fountain. This is also a comtemporay art gallery.

Japaense Restaurant @ Golden Tulip
Golden Tulip Hotel
I find the Japanese food here is very authentic and nothing of the fancy compared to Sato (in Gulf Hotel). Ambience is nice and comfortable. However, the price of the food is a little on the high side.

Al Bindaira Cafe
Al A'ali Complex
This is the first restaurant where I tried the Middle Eastern food and I have always loved this place. The mezzaine floor is always my favourite and you can have a taste of the local mezza and western food at the comfort of the resturant cosy setting. I believe this place is more for those we are looking for some afternoon arabic coffee and shisha. My favourite here is the Sheesh Tawook.

Saj Express
Seef Mall (Outside)
This is considered a fast food chain serving Middle easter cuisine but I cannot deny that their Hommous is definitely one of the best I've tasted.

Nakheel Al Basara
Tashan (Opposite Fakhroo Motors)
+973 1740 2260
Although it may not seem inviting but I was surprised to discover how clean and delicious the food are in this place. Tucked away from the hustle bustle of the city, this place serves Iranian, Lebanese and Indian food. What can I say, the food is good and value for money. They even served Machboos, a local Bahraini dish.

There are so many restaurants here in Bahrain with some of them operate 24x7, so the word hunger would rarely be used. One of the good guide can be found @

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The common comment my colleagues and I have about Bahrain is.."It's expensive". Since I will be stucked for 20 days here with a fully functioning kitchen, I decided to do my savings a huge favour by self catering my dinners from The Central Market (Situated near the Pearl Monument Roundabout)

Although the luxury of clean path and air-conditioned room cannot be enjoyed here, I have no complains as the price of fresh food here is merely a fraction of that in the Supermarket and the range of fresh vegetables, fish and meat is amazing!

Having been deprived of seafood in Nairobi, I decided to indulge myself in the fresh cheap seafood that is abundant in this country till I am sick of it. I have to admit that a walk in the wet fish market was not a pleasant one, however the sight of fresh fish is simply intriguing. Fishes that you never though could be eaten, such as the angel fish, can be found here.

Steam red Hammour
Word of advise when you visit the fish market, wear a raining boots if you have one. Also, bargaining is allowed here. If you are like me, intending to buy only small amount of fishes, not to mention in small size, you will eventually learn how to clean a fish in order to be consumed as they don't entertain you if you asked them to clean the fish for you. Not unless you buy a big fish.