Author: Yellow Duckie
June...a month that most has anticipated after a long dark cold winter. However, for the past week, dark clouds has seems to find it's way to engulf the sun, hiding it's glory from reaching the ground. Experiencing rain in Sweden is quite different compare to in Malaysia. In Sweden, even when it rains, it doesn't pour. You won't get soaking wet and I guess the air is so dry that you wont stay wet for a long time. Plus, thunder and lighting is hardly seen here, in fact I have not hear or seen it at all.

Just when I thought I can start wearing blouses that expose my shoulders, i was wrong. Although the temperature has gone down significantly compare to a month ago but the wind that blows is chilly. Chilly enough to have you wrap your jacket around you to keep those goose bumps down.

I was told that if I am lucky enough, the temperature shall hit 25 degree celcius (and stay for couple of days) and I shall see more of the sun (that, it what the Swedes to call a Good Summer) . Thus far, it has only been one day in Stockholm that hit 25, it's almost like a hole-in-one experience, it happens but rarely. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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