Author: Yellow Duckie
Getting all hype up about celebrating Sweden National day (6th June), we made our way to the city hoping to catch a glimpse of the patriotism spirit of the nation. Half expecting to see the town filled with swamps of human, I was surprised to see that at 10 am, the streets were still quite empty. Even when I pass Ralambshovparken at 10 am, I was surprised to see that some ( one or two) tents were set up but I figured that there are alot more to be done for this afternoon's carnival.
I must say that the Swedes are really taking it slow, I supposed with the long daylight, they could strecth the program to start a little later. I was aware that for many, this is just another great holiday to sleep in and relax. Besides the national holiday is declared a day off for the swede only couple of years back.
To our delight, the King's Palace was open to the public for free ( saves us each 130 Sek). To top it up, the weather was superb! Cloudless clear blue sky. The started our journey at the courtyard of the palace, watching the parade and bands marching across. The lady standing next to us was proudly pointing out her son who was one of the drummer in the band.

The crowd were slowly building up and by noon, there were just people EVERYWHERE. Swamps of people just everwhere! This is the first time I have seen such a huge crowd in Sweden, I was a little overwhlem.
Programs around the city was scheduled to celebrate this big day.

What I enjoyed most is actually the display of the collection of the Royal cars that was used by the Royals since God know when... indeed a classic!

My major highlight of the day was to catch the release of the balloon at Skeppsbron . To my dismay, I felt that they should have arrange for more balloons to be released as the effect was not that overwhelming as I have anticipated.

In conjunction with the National day celebration, a Swedish Food Festival was set up at Kungstragården and I was pretty excited to check that place out. To our dismay, not only it was over crowded, the food portion was relatively small compared to it's usual size so we decided to drop the idea of checking out the swedish food there. In fact, all i could remember seeing are human, loads of them that you could barely tell where the stores are located and definitely having a hard time looking for the meny ( menu). We ended up in Hotorget enjoying a classic Texas burger.
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