Author: Yellow Duckie
I had the opportunity to visit Kampala again. This time I had no fever and I landed at Entebe (Uganda International Airport) in the day light. Indeed, the landing was incredible, it was as though the plane was landing onto the water of Lake Victoria. The waking sun was beaming it's light through the fog that was resting above the field casting shadow on the trees. The scene was incredibly serene and breath-taking. I was captivated. For the first time, I see one of the African Nation in real, not through the dummy box.

I was glad that this time, I had some "locals" (other expats whom I know) to bring me around and lunch time no longer last 2 hours as it did the last time. One of the best discovery was the African Coffee, being a non coffee drinker, I was totally shocked that the Cappucino was excellent. It was indeed the best I have tasted, not even those in Italy could beat it! It was smooth, non bitter and the aroma was purgent in a positive manner.

Having the luxury of being invited to their home for dinner, I discovered that seafood is indeed abundant here and they come in XL size. It was fresh and taste really good even when it's just boiled without seasoning.

Great weather, great food, great coffee and great company...the only lacking remedy to the heavy workload there was a great spa.
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