Author: Yellow Duckie
Two weekends ago, I was jumping up and down, stretching my my hands towards heaven hoping to touch a little bit of His Presence. It was indeed amazing. Of Course, the event itself was superb but what really open up my eyes is to witness is that the fire has indeed started in this city where coldness is not unfamiliar to many.

The Passion was making their way for their world tour and Stockholm was their second destination.It was held in Globen, if it was not for this I would never know this part of Stockholm exist! To know that almost 2000 people were praying for us that night from Kiev, Russia, I felt really blessed to be there.

Although it was my hunger that drive me there, I must admit, the real joy of being there is to see that the fire has indeed started in the scandinavian. I am amazed and I do hope it will continue to spread.
What excites me even more was that, one of their destination is actually Kampala, Uganda :)... My first African Encounter and thus far my best.
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