Author: Yellow Duckie
As part of my stay in Sweden, generally, I tried as much I can to live almost like a swede. Of course, to begin, I try to eat what the swedes eat. Thanks for the various people around me who open my taste bud to the flavour of the swedes. Here are the ingredients or food I've tried.


This was an excellent recommendation from Kerstin. Indeed this is a good fish to be eaten and ask any swedes, they'll tell you the same.

Röding: Cooked a per recommended ~ Pan fried with Butter, served with Creme Fraiche stir with White Fist Roe , boiled potatoes and vegetables.

This Röding is slowly cooked in the smoke room for at least 6 hours. Surprisingly, it taste quite good as you can still taste the fish and the meat is definitely not rotten although the fish looks decay.

Reindeer Meat

Reindeer stew served with lingon berry jem and mash potato


Usually comes in the form of jam. This is delicious, eaten both with meat or served on your desserts


This is so Swedish, Cinnamon roll with sugar. The first I tried, it was hard as rock, I have learn to love this especially with a cupof tea. The best Kanelbulle I've tried are those in the Skansen Bakery, those there are heavenly soft.


I learn to make my own jam! Cook these babies in Sugar and pectin. You'll get your own home made Strawbarry jam!

Souvas and fried Reindeer Meat

Fried Reindeer meat served with mash potato , creme fraiche with cloudberry wrapped in flat bread.

Fresh Onion

This fresh white Onion is so sweet! I have not seen a fresh onion before.

Swedish Cake

This typical green -layered cake found in Sweden. It's sweet (not tooth-aching sweet) and chewy. I must admit, it complements the taste of the cake very well.

Pear Cider

I wouldn't say this is typical swedish but I tried it here so it will go into my list. Nice, sparkling cider with a tint of pear taste. Nice and refershing.
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