Author: Yellow Duckie
Last leg: Lake Manyara ~ Arusha ~ Nairobi
After couple of days chasing the Big 5 in the safari, I must admit that I have had quite enough of the wildlife and can't wait to be home. However, this last safari stop : Lake Manyara, is quite different from the first two (Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park). Upon entering the Lake Manyara National Park, it reminds me alot of the rainforest in Malaysia. It is an area densed with tropical trees.
What is magical about my safari moments here in Lake Manyara is to be surrounded by a pool of elephants (loads of them).

Catching the sunset and sunrise is something one shouldn't miss. and I must admit it's a sight no one can get bored with.

Sunset at Serena Lake Manyara

Sunrise at Serena Lake Manyara
Our safari trips ends at Lake Manyara and one of the interesting place which we stopped by for some Masai blankets really caught my interest: Mti wa Mbu (Mosquito river) . However, the feeling of being there as a tourist (not that I can disguise to be a local) is not a pleasant feeling. You will definitely be slashed through your throat and you literally felt like a piece of meat walking amongst the hungry lions.

One of the interesting fruit that is commonly found is the red bananas. Out of pure curiousity, I have decided to buy some for a try and it costed my 2 USD for 3 pieces of bananas... that's right... 2 USD for 3 pieces (not combs) of banana...obviously I still have not quite gotten over the fact that I have been ripped off. All I can say about the bananas is that there is nothing special about it.
All i can say after three days of hardcore safaris trip is that apart from the safari the journey there is part of the adventure.
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