Author: Yellow Duckie
99.9% of the people who lived or travelled to Stockholm during this time of the year (Dec) told me that it’s awfully cold, dark and depressing. I beg to differ (except on the “cold”). I find Stockholm beautiful. No doubt that it is dark but the advent stars and candles that are displayed at almost all the apartments and offices windows transform the town into a picturesque city.

Christmas markets all over the city simply cast away the darkness that many claimed upon this city and I could hardly find it dark and definitely far from depressing in the midst of this cheerful Christmas spirit displayed. I would definitely recommend a stroll in these markets as you can enjoy the local crafts, food and of course, a glass of warm glog.

One of the things to take note of, as I was told, is the NK windows. Apparently, every year, during Christmas, the NK department store will transfer their display windows into a world of wonders which draws a massive crowd (especially over the weekend) gathering in front of these display to catch a glimpse of the creativity of the artist behind these windows.

Fact Notes (as told by my Swedish colleagues)
Advent Stars: It is a traditional that they hang this stars at their windows as Christmas approaches. Although this is rather commercialized but the reason behind these star goes back to the story of the birth of Jesus. This is the star which the 3 wise men were seeking for.

Candles: Although there is no clue how the seven candles comes about, this is pretty much the decoration you can find displayed at the window. Traditionally, there should be only 4 candles. One candle will be lighted up each week until Christmas, so this means the first candle will be lighted four weeks before Christmas.
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