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First leg of the journey : Nairobi (Kenya)- Namanga (Border Kenya & Tanzania) - Arusha (Tanzania) - Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Tanzania)

Hitting off my first “official” road trip in Africa, I was beyond thrilled. We were making our way to catch the animals at the Tanzania National. First destination: Ngorongoro Conservation Area. As recommended by a friend, I had no doubt that this place was fantastic. Being a first timer on safari I seriously had no clue what to expect except that I will get to see wild animals in an “uncage” manner.

Although I was a little apprehensive about traveling by bus to Arusha (the pick up point for some of the national parks in Kenya and Tanzania) at the beginning but topping up an additional USD 560 was totally not what I had in mind to spend. So bus it is. To my surprised, the bus, although has tiny leg space, was really clean. For USD 50 (return) I can’t complain. To give it an additional brownie point about traveling by bus, you’ll get an excellent scenery (and if you are lucky, you;ll get to see some girraffe sticking out their long neck out in the bush) along the way BUT you will have to survived through the bumpy rides...again..for USD 50 return, I can't complain.

The lushness of the hills in Arusha throws me back to the days when I was standing among the hills in Tuscany and I simply cant believe I am actually in Africa. Tired and exhausted after the 6 hours journey from Nairobi, I was glad that I am finally at Arusha to be picked up by the guide heading off to Ngorongoro Crater for our first destination...little did I know there is another 3 hours journey to go...

Despite the long journey I had to endure, I have to admit that it was all worth it. We had the luxury to stay at the Serena Lodge and I must say, one of the best place with a perfect view of the crater. The night when we arrive, the earth happened to have the view of the biggest moon in the past few decades. With the full sized moon hanging brightly right above the is undescribable how captivating the sight was.

Word of Advise: Catch the sunrise right at your balcony, it's something you will regret if you miss it. If you are staying at the Serena, just walk out to the balcony :)

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is actually inhibited by the Masai Tribe. Along the journey down to the crater, you will be able to catch tastefully dressed Masai selling some souvenirs and often throwing in the bargain to allow you to take a picture with/of him with the selling price offered. Most of them are found herding a flock of cattles which often crosses your path. The sound of the bells hung of the neck of the cattles apparently gave this crater its name, ngoro~ngoro.

Paid USD 4 to get this picture and a bead-woven star for my invisible christmas tree.

I must admit that among all the game drive I have been too thus far, Ngorongoro Crater has indeed got the best view. I was not sure if i was more fascinatinated by the scenery or the overwhelm but since it's my first game drive, it was a little of both that caught my breathless. Although I have read and seen countless safari trips in the books and on the television, I must admit that the experience of being amongst the wild animal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which I highly recommend.

Stylish ASS :P

The wildbeast at rest...
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