Author: Yellow Duckie
Second leg of my tanzania Safari trip: South and Central of Serengeti National Park
The journey from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Serengeti National Park was plain: cruising through the gravel roads stirring up dust as we go by surrounded by vast green land which has no clear boundary between the earth and the sky at the horizon. Zebras, wild beast and the various types of gazelles are found graving with cautious eye resting on our vehicle as we pass through.

By now, you would have thought that one will be exhausted and bored of seeing these wild animals. I must admit that the excited of spotting the big fives (Lion, Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Leopard and Elephant) still lingers.
The scenery in the Serengeti National Park changes drastically from that in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The vast piece of flat land in the Serengeti National park is defined majority by the common existence of the umbrella accacias.
Highlight of my trip in Serengeti is the catching the sunset..this is definitely a MUST-DO to be added in your safari list.

We did a little side trip to the Olduvai (Oldupai) where the footprint of the existence of the early humankinds was discovered. This side trip was kind of "forced" into our itinerary but I have to admit the sight was quite remarkable. We were at the museum, which I must admit was just a pathetic little shack that house some historical information on the discovery of the footprints, the replica of it and the detail explanation of the excavation works done in the area. I seriously was not intrigued but i supposed it was not too bad as there was a local which gives us some lecture on the area and also the history.

One thing I took notice of while cruising in the Serengeti is the insect repellent which they set around the forest. Thus far, it is here that I saw them and no where else.

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