Author: Yellow Duckie
After so many safari trips, I have to admit that all I was seeking from this trip is a relaxing time at a luxury tent and at Karen Blixen Camp, you have it all. Although I must admit that this is probably not the most luxurious camp in Masai Mara but it was good enough. It is in this tent that I literally bath underneath the sky smeared with thousands of stars above my head... I was so mesmerized by the sight of it that the chill air did not seem to bother me.

Karen Blixen Camp
The landscape of Masai Mara was surprisingly quite different from Serengeti ( as I would thought that they are the same). The vast land were surrounded by the mountains which gives this place a slightly different look compare to Serengeti. Instead of the umbrella Acacia which is commong in Serengti, Masai Mara carries a different type of acacia which is rounded and appears neatly arranged in the field.
Like mentioned, after so many safari trip, the animals no longer fascinates me, instead is was the landscape of Masai Mara that hold my attention. It is no wonder that out of so many safaris, Masai Mara is well known... for its beauty.

Last Sunset of Year 2008

First Sunrise of Year 2009

First Sunset of Year 2009
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