Author: Yellow Duckie
This is exactly what I saw in the reflection of the mirror when I stepped out of the toilet cubicle heading towards the wash basin to wash my hands. I happened to wear a striking orange shirt that day.

Seeing the ladies in Bahrain who hides their latest fashion beneath their daffa (long flowy black gown) is nothing new to me. However, I can’t help but to notice how different I was in the ladies washrooms. I don’t understand why would one even bother to dress up if daffa is all could be shown to the public. I must admit that despite the fact that all daffa is black, I find them extremely attractive as most of them are not just plain black but adorned with embroidered patterns, laces, glitter stones and other decorative items. These daffa are really beautiful as it falls on your body and hides all unnecessary fats.

After having tried one myself, I must admit it that it made me feels very elegant and extremely feminine gliding around in these long flowy daffa but I would give the head scarf a miss as I find it rather warm.

In history, the traditional Bahrainian customes are really colourful. Although the style is pretty much similar as today wear the women are pretty covered up but it's extremely colourful like the indian Saris in the Bollywood movies!
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