Author: Yellow Duckie
One look at Bahrain, you would have thought that there is nothing much in this barren land. I thought shopping was the only thing in Bahrain that draws the crowd, apart from the liberty of drinking and all other leisure which the Saudis are deprived of in their own country, I was wrong.
Here are my selected sights of interest or activities in Bahrain (which I hope to ticked it all off):

National Museum
Proud to say I have made my way to the National Museum of Bahrain and I am glad that it was really interesting. Within these walls, one will get to know about the history of Bahrain (although this country may seem so small to have any history to begin with, again I was wrong) and indulge in the rich culture of Bahrain. Three things I learnt about Bahrain:
Bahrain is formerly known as Tylos (Greek influence) and later , Dilmun.
Bahrain is like a gold mine for archeologist where thousands of organized tombs were found in this city itself.
Their traditional customs were extremely colourful: I know I made an entry about this but it still surprises me as 99% women in Bahrain dresses in their Black Daffa.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque
Interesting fact as mentioned by the guide about this most is that the carpets is from Scotland, the glass lamps are from France and the marbles, of course, from Italy. Generally, apart from the people that attend the prayers, there is nothing of this mosque is from Bahrain. The interior is nice but it does not have the “wow” factor. However, I must admit that it is actually quite beautiful.

Visit La Fountaine Comtemporary Art Center
One advise when you are here, enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Excellent food with a good ambience. This piece of historical building was converted into a Comtemporary Art Center and is used to host many events. I would say, a perfect place to hold a private function.

Al Jasra House
This is where you can get a glimpse of the traditional Bahrain Architecture. I must say it's quite worth the visit as it is situated nto far from town, just about 25 KM away.

Tree of Life (yet to visit)
A lone mesquite tree that stands in the desert where its source of water is still a mystery. Traveling all the way just to see this tree is probably a waste of time but I supposed there is a difference of being there and seeing it on the picture.

Barbar Temple (yet to visit)
An excavation of an ancient temple. Not too sure if one could just walk in to take a look but I will attempt to do so in my next trip.

Bait al Qur’an (yet to visit)
Carries the most distinctive architecture in Bahrain

Visit the Central Market (yet to visit)
As usual, to me, one can really see the life of the locals in the market place and thus this would be my choice in my next visit to Bahrain

Explore around the small valleys of Bab al Bahrain and Gold Souq
Stay off this place on Friday as most likely you will find yourself walking in the streets with most of the shops closed. You will find alot of electronics, souvenirs, cloths and many other goods. This is an excellent place to spot the trditional Bahrainian shops (as seen in the National Museum).

Taking scenic shot
Although Bahrain seems barren, there are actually a lot of scenic sights which I did not managed to capture as I was in the car. I would really love to go around Bahrain on a clear day to capture these beautiful scenes. The waterfront behind the National Museum is one of the best locations.
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