Author: Yellow Duckie
Everyone thought I was heading to South Africa when I told them that I am going to work in Africa. Truth is, after working for six months with the account team, this is my first time in Johannesburg, South Africa.

First impression: BEAUTIFUL. It is no wonder this place is known as the “Europe” of Africa. A friend of mine took me out for lunch and I can see nothing lacking in this place. You can practically get ANYTHING here and I can foresee myself hopping over from Kenya from time to time in order to satisfied my addiction to shop or perhaps a more political correct way to put it: to purchase my necessities.

The houses along the way to the office simply sweeps my feet off. Beautiful bungalows with courtyards and gardens, modern architecture and design, I find it hard to comprehend that this place is well known for its high crime rate. Of course, I don’t deny that the 99.9% of the houses are secured with electric fence (the other 0.01% are guarded with the old fashioned barb wire or broken glass) does indicate the level of social security but still I find it hard to comprehend the true fact about this place.

In September, although my friend was apologetic about the dusty wind, I find the weather simply lovely, ranging from 8 – 18 degree celcius, and chilly. She later told me that is strange as this time of the year it is supposed to get warmer, I suppose Global warming knows no boundary.

During my short visit here are my discoveries:
- Bobotie: A typical Afrikaans dish (similar to the Italian lasagna where there are layers and layers of meat cooked with tomato sauce) served with tumeric rice and steam vegetables.
- Shops at the shopping mall closes around 1800 so if you intend to shop, perhaps you should extend your stay
- The BUTCHER SHOPAND GRILL: Famous deli where you get to select your piece of meat (hang out like those in the butcher shop) and have it grill to you liking. What intrigue me most was that they actually produce the butter and cream to compliment their home made heavenly soft bread (so they claim). I simply felt in love with this place.

- Biltong: South Africans favourite snack which is equivalent to beef jerky. It’s dried meat which taste like ham ( to me). When my colleague first offered it to me, I thought I heard them say Bull’s tongue.
- There are 11 Official languages in South Africa!!!

I’ve heard a lot of Jo’Burg being a modern city although I find myself in doubt but now, I am fully convinced as I have seen it with my own eyes that this place is comparable to a first world country. Indeed the Gold and diamond rush has brought this country up to this impressive state.
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