Author: Yellow Duckie
Never in my life I imagine myself working in Africa and here am I, setting foot in Nairobi for the second time and this time, it would be for a year. It still feels like I am getting a role in National Geographic or Discovery channel. (I still did not get to see the Giraffe when I landed at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport :( )

I was beyond exhausted when I arrived and the only thing I really wanted was to sleep. However, after the ordeal with the travel agent where I almost did not make it to Nairobi on the scheduled date, I wasn’t sure if I will even get a place to lay my head so with all my might I tried to be alert. Thank God, it was all settled and they even got the driver ready for me. It was his first day of work and so was mine.

He is a gentle soul who is terrified of disappointing me so I tried not to be bothered with his unfamiliarity of the area and his driving skills. I am glad that my motion sickness did not manifest and am counting the days when I will get my automatic car where he should be able to drive smoothly.

Tired as I am, I was actually overwhelmed. A dedicated driver to chauffer me around and the temporary apartment itself has caught me by surprised. The 3 bedroom apartment was so huge that I could not imagine what I am going to do with the space I have. Each door leads to another room that leads to another room making me less significant in the apartment as the actual size is revealed bit by bit. There are so many doors that I didn’t know I had a guest bathroom until the cleaning lady kept it open.

As this is a service apartment, I can kiss house chores goodbye (YAhooOoooOo) except to clean myself, tuck myself in bed and cook (I don’t even need to wash). The only thing which I am trying (still trying as I knew it was being ignored) to get the cleaning lady to remove her shoes while cleaning the apartment.

Overwhelmed as I was, I could never forget my first breakfast at the apartment: Frozen Milk, toast, cheese and eggs.

There you go, my first day (September 15, 2008) at my new home for the next one year in Nairobi, Kenya.
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