Author: Yellow Duckie
Less than 2 weeks in Nairobi, I have learn where to get my groceries:
Nakumatt or Uchumi.
Nakumatt, of course, offers a better range of products compares to Uchumi but price wise, I have no comment as I am still trying to grasp with the huge currency denomination here.

To get fresh fruits and vegetables, I would say get it from Zuchini (there is one next to Nakumatt Junction). This is where you can get fresh vegetables that is not rotten.

So what exactly is the cost of living here ? (I would say it's more expensive that Malaysia for sure!)

A dozen of eggs ~ USD 2

A Loaf of bread (Normal Length) ~ USD 0.80

1 Litre Fresh Milk ~ USD 1

500 gm Butter ~ USD 5.5

600 g Pork Loin ~ USD 5.6

300 g mince beef ~ USD 1.6

South Africa Oranges ~ USD 2.3 per KG

Potatoes ~ USD 0.50 per KG

Carrots ~ USD 0.40 per KG

Unleaded Petrol ~ USD 1.3 per litre

There are alot of fresh fruits and vegetables here, one will just need to take sometime to get to know what taste good and what does not.

Word of advise, once you found your choice of Milk, STICK to it! Speaking from experience...Brookside dairy product is by far the best. Funny though, Brookside is the area where I live but I have not seen a cow anywhere! Then again... I have only been here slightly more than 1 week.

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