Author: Yellow Duckie
I had the thought about skipping the Kick Off Party for ... actually I had totally no clue about the organization (the huge umbrella) I work in...but I know it covers the Africa, Central Europe and Middle East market. I am glad I took my colleague's advise not to miss it as the dinner location was an excellent choice and it will be a unique experience. He was right...

Fancy watching broadway? How about enjoying dinner while being entertained by a broadway show and being served by the the actors/singers. This is what you will get at the Wallmans. The setting of this restaurant was simply fantastic, practically feels like being in an old theater. Although it was alot smaller than I thought but it is extremely cozy.

I must admit that it feels extremely weird for you have the waiter who took your orders earlier is singing and dancing his heart out on the stage. Mind you, I don't see any difference in their performance compared to a famous celebrities! They are extremely good!

I can't recall much about the food but the sweet melodius voice and flambouyant costumes stays clear in my head. It was indeed an enchanting evening and a remarkable dining experience.
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