Author: Yellow Duckie
For every journey there must be an end and my 5 ½ months escapade in Stockholm has finally come to an end. Being drown in the bucket of mixed emotions, I wasn’t quite sure if I was sad to leave this place, excited about going home or anxious about moving to my new place in Nairobi. Whatever my feeling was, I am certain that I will miss Stockholm terribly…as I already do.

Someone asked me one question couple of days prior to my departure: What is it about Stockholm that you like? Without hesitation my answer was the Nature in Sweden. After having thought about it, I realized there are so many things that I like about Stockholm:

There is never a shortage of parks for one to indulge themselves in various nature trails and have a picnic. Be it 5 mins walk within the city or 30 mins walk from your apartment, there will definitely be a place for you to spread your picnic mat and spend a serene afternoon with your favourite book under your favourite tree :)

I think the Swedish has got a rich culture and I am glad that during this short period of my stay here, I am proud to say that I have had a fair share of experience of the Swedish culture and I must say that I am impressed by the variation of culture from the north to the south of Sweden! Not only that, I particularly love the way Swedish handles between work and pleasure. I must admit, if you want to learn to enjoy life, just watch the Swedish. They remind you that life is not just about work as your own personal life is also a priority, in fact, of top priority.

I realized that I am going to lose a big share of my freedom to venture around when I am in my new home in Nairobi. It made me appreciate the freedom of traveling and venturing Sweden on my own so much that the thought of moving to Nairobi crippled me with fear about being confine to my apartment.

Although it may be expensive to earn Malaysian ringgit and spend in Swedish Kronor but I realized that shopping here is excellent as they have a wide range of products. After careful scrutiny of the prices, depending on what product, some are cheaper to get here and some are expensive but when it comes to the Summer sales, it’s really a SALE and you will find it so cheap to shop here.

These are the four main items that I would say covers all on why I like Stockholm and I hope to return someday…
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