Author: Yellow Duckie
There is no better way to spend a weekend in Sweden than to be invited to your friend's summer house. It was really sweet of Dorothy and Roland to take me to their summer house in Aldesö. Situated about an hour drive from Stockholm, this place is on an island on its own and Roland's cabin is situated close to where "The Landing" is. I was told that "The Landing" is where the dock where the alcoholics or drug addicts is transported to/fro the rehabilitation island. Birka, the viking town can be seen from the lake close to their cabin. The interesting part of getting to Aldesö is by the ferry which transport both human and car across to Aldesö

So what does the swede do when they invited their friends over to their summer house? They practicaly do what the Asian do: eat, drink and be merry. Adding to their guest list was Jasmine and her partner. The meal times were so close that it feels like a eating marathon. I must admit it was pleasurable.

I believe this summer house is quite old although both the interior and exterior of the house does not show any sign of it. I got it from the fact that the bathroom is situated in another building with no flushing system. I am still not quite use to this type of toilet and I am not sure if I will ever adapt.

Apart from that, I had a great time harvesting all sorts of berries grown in their garden and enjoying the nature walk around the neighbourhood.

By the lake

Meal 1: Coffee complimented with Coffe Bröd (Coffee Bread)
Meal 2: Cheese, bread and smoke shrimp

Meal 3: BBQ dinner

Dessert: Vanilla Ice with the harvest from the garden, assorted berries.

And of course,to complete my swedish experience: my first taste of Snaps (A strong alcoholic drink which the swedes enjoy dearly). I only took a small sip and that was enough to fire up my throat! No wonder the swedes enjoyed it so much, especially during the cold season but I have to admit, it's not my cup of tea.
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