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Since I am currently staying in one of the Africa Continent, I guess I cannot give Cape Town a miss. I wasn’t going to allow myself to be drown in the disappointment of the over rated positive comment I heard about this place so I tried not to put in too much expectation but obviously it was impossible. Even so,I was thrown out of proportion when I got to Cape Town. It was STUNNING. It’s a town where one can really stand and be amazed.

Waterfront with Table Mountain at the Background
Although the Famous V&A Waterfront reminds me a lot of the pier at San Francisco but with the Table Mountain as the back drop, that was something! Being told to stick to Ocean's Basket a the waterfront to enjoy good seafood at reasonable prie, we did just that and really enjoyed the food. Of course, we did enjoy our dinner is some of the restaurant for great steak where the prices is far more reasonable than in Kenya's.

Queen prawns and chips at the Waterfront
We were lucky to be able to witness the street party that was on going when the World Cup draw was on in Cape Town during our visit. However, it was so packed that they had to close off the road to avoid more people from participating...closed street party, truly the first time I heard a street party can be "closed".

View of Cape of Good Hope from the Cape Point
I must admit that the thrill of self drive along the coast towards the infamous Garden Route was more than being at the Cape Point itself. We didn't have sufficient time to hit the garden route so we just took a route as close as we can get, from Cape Town to Hermanaus. e took the inland road towards Hermanus and took the coastal route when we return to town.

It was hard to believe the sceneries that you'll see. From the winelands, farmyards,lakes to the costal line with white sandy beach and torquoise sea water along side. It was unbelievable. Almost like having Switzerland and the Maldives compacted together separated by only a road in between. I am captivated. Indeed, Cape town is beautiful.
Hermanaus Town
Coastal Road...heading back to Cape Town
I am so hoping to return to Cape Town and hit the Garden Route....
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