Author: Yellow Duckie
When I blogged about being escorted in a convoy from the airport when in Nigeria, I was wrong. It is not a myth. Just that I didn't notice the security car which is following closely behind our bus (guess that's why I didn't notice it). This morning when I went to the airport, I took the trouble to give my neck a twist and saw, Lo and Behold, the security car tailing closely to ours.
My observation thus far. The "slump area" (not too sure if they are slumps area but they certainly looks like it from the unorganized and cramped space each houses has) is better than those in Nairobi,from the infrastructure point of view. Instead of zinc roofs and wooden walls, they are actually cement or brick walls and most has got a satellite dish attached to their roofs. Not too sure if they have the basic amenities like running tap water or electricity but judging from the existence of the satellite dish, they probably have electricity.

View from the roof top. Ikoyi Area
Similarities to Nairobi (through my brief stay's observation) are the Electricity supply and the Traffic!
Electricity supply is just like Nairobi's. Lights blinking on and off throughout the day with almost no occasion where one can have a smooth flow of electricity all day long. The traffic, is horrendous. Touching down Lagos at 9 pm, I could see from the plane on the congestion of some area...pretty terrifying I would say.

The line....
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