Author: Yellow Duckie
Second time in Ghana, I finally get to notice some of the unique things which I find only in Ghana (as I have not travelled th entire world yet...)

Water are sold in plastic bags. When I first saw this, I literally had no idea how to drink it. I was later taught to bite off a small corner of the bag and drink out of the bag, Then my dilemma was whether to hold my drink and eat at the same time or? It was then I was showed to put the packet and balance it on the table with whatever you can find on the table to hold it... I must admit I have only tasted it once and have no intention to try it another time as the water has go chemical taste.

On the table, there are also dish detergent, I was not too sure what it was for but apparently for your hand... i didn't bother finding out how to use it.

The common minibus in Ghana

Ghana "matatu"

One of the impressive sight that caught my attention one day was at the roundbout near The Golden Tulip Hotel where there are a couple of trees which is infested with BATS. Yes, bats... you can see them hung all over those couple of trees around the corner looking pretty much like the fruit of the tree...really LOTS of them...
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On March 13, 2010 at 10:07:00 PM GMT+3 , Silla said...

Looks so much nicer than the Kenyan matatu!!

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