Author: Yellow Duckie
After a 5 hours flight from Nairobi to Lagos, the last thing I want is being held up at the passport control at the airport upon arrival. I was relieved when I saw the line at the passport control was reasonably short but to my dismay, they ran out of the entry form. Thinking that they will eventually bring us some, I was wrong.

I was so surprised when one of the passanger asked for it and was blatantly told that they should have obtained it on the air plane. The officer then instruct those we does not have the entry form to go back to the air plane we came with and asked for it (you can imagine the look on our faces)

I was dumbstrucked. They refused to process those who does not have the card and carried on with those who has it, which not many managed to hold of the entry form. When I caught sight of one of the officer roaming freely, I was putting up my hand and hailing him frantically to asked for it. He then realised that it has ran out at the counter and drew out a few copies which caused a slight chaos amongst those who could reach it.

When the officer who handed out the last few copies to us went to the officer at the counter (the one who told us to get it from the airplane) to enquire about the shortage, the poor guy was scolded for not doing his job as it was his task.

In my heavy frequency of travelling, this is really the first i encounter such an amusing incident. I guess, that's Nigeria for you...
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