Author: Yellow Duckie
The common comment my colleagues and I have about Bahrain is.."It's expensive". Since I will be stucked for 20 days here with a fully functioning kitchen, I decided to do my savings a huge favour by self catering my dinners from The Central Market (Situated near the Pearl Monument Roundabout)

Although the luxury of clean path and air-conditioned room cannot be enjoyed here, I have no complains as the price of fresh food here is merely a fraction of that in the Supermarket and the range of fresh vegetables, fish and meat is amazing!

Having been deprived of seafood in Nairobi, I decided to indulge myself in the fresh cheap seafood that is abundant in this country till I am sick of it. I have to admit that a walk in the wet fish market was not a pleasant one, however the sight of fresh fish is simply intriguing. Fishes that you never though could be eaten, such as the angel fish, can be found here.

Steam red Hammour
Word of advise when you visit the fish market, wear a raining boots if you have one. Also, bargaining is allowed here. If you are like me, intending to buy only small amount of fishes, not to mention in small size, you will eventually learn how to clean a fish in order to be consumed as they don't entertain you if you asked them to clean the fish for you. Not unless you buy a big fish.
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