Author: Yellow Duckie
Having return from a stressful business trip, I was dying for an ultimate rerlaxation at Lake Magadi where I could soak comfortably in the natural hot spring with a glass of wine in one hand while nibbling grapes held by the other... that was the perfect picture I had about Lake Magadi.

Unfortunately, to my dismay, our visit to Lake Magadi turns out to be quite the opposite. Don't get me wrong, the scenery was not that bad but i was beyond disappointed as the picture which was painted in my mind was far from the reality (lesson is always have an open heart). However, I must admit that sight of the dried soda lake and it's surrounding were fascinating and altogether breathtaking.

At the gate of Lake Magadi. Picture Courtesy of Marco

Once we have entered the park, the hand drawn map given by the guide was not sufficient to get you to the hot spring spot. It was pretty clear in the map however the road leading to the hotspring was unmarked and thus making it impossible to track. We eventually came to a small town and got a Masai guide to lead us there.

The scorching heat was quite unbearable and the fact that the water is hot makes it quite an unpleasant combination, however that did not stop us from giving our feet a good spa. What can I conclude of this trip? Without a great company of good friends, this trip would have been a waste of time... and the experiencing of having lunch at the bush makes more worthwhile :)
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