Author: Yellow Duckie
Driving in Bahrain can be quite a challenge. Apart from the well maintained road, except for some disruption from the construction, knowing your way around is crucial here. Believe it or not, I actually spent almost 40 mins trying to get my way out of the city center to the main street..thank God that petrol here cost only 0.3 USD here.

For one, the sign board in Bahrain is hopeless...and I thought Malaysia was bad. I tried searching for the famous Tree of Life but I ended up in Durrat Al-Bahrain (the furthest point in the south of Bahrain). Although I eventually did find it, it was with much difficulties...the sign board just stop appearing after a while and worst part is that if you are coming from the other side of the road, you will definitely not see it as it was intended for traffic in the opposite direction. Sometimes, the sign boards are even hidden amongst the bushes...

Generally, the drivers here are impatient and selfish. Impatient to the point that a few seconds if your car doesn't move at the green light, you will definitelly get hooted at. As for selfish, it doesn't matter whose right of road it is, I'm charging forward and you will have to give way.
Parking? I have no complains. Perhaps is the ample parking space they have here or the population here is just so little that I never seems to be having problem finding a space for my car. Those days in One U (Shopping mall in Malaysia) seem so distance now where finding a parking space can be an hour affair. Be it in the shopping mall, hospital or market, there is always a spot ready for your car.
Apart from these, I must admit that driving in Bahrain is quite a comfort.
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