Author: Yellow Duckie
Known to many as the "Italian" town as this is a favourite spot for many of the Italians. I must admit that I was preparing for a "zanzibar" experience. Instead of the white sandy beach and clear turquoise water we were greeted by a run down town and a beach piled up with sea weed. This is the first African coast town visited by the great explorer, Vasco Da Gama.

There is practically nothing to do in Malindi except to lead a "pole pole" (slow) lifestyle and do absolutely nothing. Word of advise: find an excellent resort and chill out there. I was disappointed with our choice as the accommodation condition was below my expectation, it reminded me a lot of those budget Port Dickson resort (beach in Malaysia).

The town itself has nothing much to offer and what fascinates me is the buildings in town. It reflects the Arabic architecture and I must admit that the House of Column, which is also the National Museum of Malindi is a great building whereby you can catch the coastal house structure. Although what they seems to boast about in the museum was the mysteriously catch : Coelancanth fish, we nevertheless got a great tour of the museum from Salim (caretaker of the museum).
First Church in Malindi planted by the Portuguese
For those that are bored of pasta and pizza, I would strongly recommend a dinner at "The Old Man and the Sea". Adopted its name from Ernest Hemingway's book, this place offers great seafood and gives you a taste of the Swahili house architecture.

Since we were not in the mood for a beach vacation (wrong place to be...I know) so we made some excursions from Malindi:
Hell's kitchen
This place got it's name from the heat which one could experience once you explore within the wonderful soil formation. The work of nature can never be questioned and I will not attempt to explain how it happened but whatever that happened, it has definitely got a great sense of creativity. The hiking trip takes about 40 -45 mins and it is quite an interesting journey as you will come across the interesting geographical features.

Natural Cosmetics: Used by the Masai to colour their skin

Gede Ruins
Reminded me a lot of the ruins in Cambodia, the Gede ruins is actually the ruins of one of the oldest town in Kenya. It is interesting how a town can be abandon just like that. The theory that sticks to my head (there are actually 3 theories) is that this town received the attack from the Portuguese because they were suspected be to involved with the rebel group against the them.

Funny thing is that, there are no recorded documentation about the existence of this town. This explains a lot that the function of each room is determined by what is found there and also through tales from the town folks nearby.
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