Author: Yellow Duckie
Ever since I saw Teka Maki on the menu two weeks ago, I couldn't help but to crave for Japanese food, particularly for Teka Maki ( Tuna Roll). I begin my search for a good japanese restaurant (apart from Roppongi, Friedhelmsplan) and stumbled upon Japansk Restaurang Kyoto. Situated at the far end of town, reachable by Tvarbana , Sickla Udde station. ( I didn't know they have another train line until then). Not only i had indulged my taste buds with this delicious japanese food but I was surprise to have stumbled upon this entire town!
Not only was the food good, the atmosphere of the restaurant is excellent. I felt really at ease there and this would be my comfort place from now on!

Japansk Restaurang Kyoto, Sickla Kanalgata 21, Stockholm

I was told that they literally tear down the whole place and rebuilt it! Indeed, in reality such place does exist, in STOCKCHOLM! If you have a chance, take the T-bana to Gullmarsplan and from there take the Tvarbana to Sickla Udde. The moment the train submerge from the ground to the street level, you will see new apartments and shops. I instantly felt in love with this place. I am so going to stay here if I ever get to work here for good...although it takes me about an hour to work with 2 changes but it's so worth it.

We actually stopped by the real estate agent to have a feel of how much I need to save in order to get a place here...roughly about 2 Mil just to get a 90 Sqm apartment...I have an ambition now :)
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