Author: Yellow Duckie
Luleå: A town that was newly built and inhibited 5 years ago. I don’t quite understand what is it about this town that everything seems so NEW. It really feels the mayor decided to wiped out the old town and built a new city on top of it. Perhaps there is a major project to have this town repainted recently but until now I still could not believe how comfortably clean and new this town is. It’s a town where I’ll love to settle down in.

Luleå is one of the coastal town in Sweden but I have not venture into the beauty of this coastal town as my main intention here was to visit Gammelstad Krykbyn (Gammelstad Church Town). This is one of the 16 church town that still exist in Sweden. The existence of this town is quite interesting. Due to its geography location, this place became a trading marketplace and center of religion. The church in the center of the town is the largest mediaeval church in Norrland and the cottages around the church is for merchants’ need for storage and accommodation at the market place and church goers (as it is the duty of the population to attend church) who stays a distance to travel for a day trip to church.

Word of advise if you plan to visit this place is to visit it during summer. You will enjoy the full glory of this place. Not that I have much of a choice but visiting the Krykbyn on a Sunday is a stupid move and at this time of the year where it is considered a low season and practically everything was close, except for the tourist information center and the church.

However, I have to admit that it was quite a remarkable experience. The tiny cottages truly intrigued me and I can just imagine horses-drawn carriages making it’s way through the town, villagers hurrying to attend the mass and farmers busy attending to their daily chores…( I had to use my imagination as this town was as dead as a ghost town on a Sunday). Checking out on the window display itself is amusing, I just love what they put on the window, it does tell a lot about the tenant.

Take bus no 9 from the Centrum heading towards Krykbyn.
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