Author: Yellow Duckie
Spring time is finally here. No longer we'll have to clad in layers and layers of garments to fend off the cold northern air. With the forecast of great weather over this weekend, many has crawl out of their hibernation hole and bask themselves in the sun.

Although I would have never done this back home, I actually took my lunch and my book out to the park . I can't deny that I am still not quite there yet with the swedes as I still choose to hide under the shady tree away from the sun. The only thing about hiding under the shade is that it does gets chilly when the wind blows. Carrying with the wind were the petals of the wildflower and as it sweeps across the air, it creates a magical sensation as you lay on your mat watching these leaves falling gracefully onto the ground.

Trail to the park behind my apartment

Great lunch accompanied by a great book

On sunday right after church, we rushed to the supermarket and grab ourselves some sandwiches and join the crowd at Rålambshovparken (near church) in getting our share of the great weather! I was indeed surprised to see how crowded the park is! Basically, everyone is stripped down to their bikinis so we felt rather "overdressed" in that sense. Nevertheless, it was a great afternoon with the sun and excellent company.

After such a relaxing weekend, I am totally appalled with the thought of going back to work tomorrow :(

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