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Although Turkey was not our first choice for this year's Easter Holiday break, I am glad we did end up in this mystical and beautiful country. Istanbul has always been to me, at least in my perception, a country packed with culture, intricate designs and mystical religious buildings. I must say, it is very much like that…

With only four days, I have to admit that the jam packed schedule did allow us to see quite a fair bit of Turkey and have a good dip of culture and cuisine. Upon arrival, we took possibly the cheapest mode of transportation from the Airport to Taksim: Tram. Although it is not exactly the most convenient (as you need to change line a couple of times) but it is the best introductory tour of the city. It leads you from the suburban right into the heart of the city passing by the Grand bazaar, the Hagia Sofia Mosque, the Sikerci station, etc.

Getting around in Turkey:

I was mesmerized by the beauty of Istanbul. Hilly landscape spread across the water all filled with intricately designed mosques and residential building. I felt I have landed in the novel I was reading which the story was based on life in Istanbul. I love the feel of the old ancient city

Of course, I did what all other tourist that flocked Istanbul do, visit all the MUST See places such as the Hagia Sophia (church converted to mosque), Blue mosque, the Grand Bazaar, etc. I’d like to highlight those that caught my interest (apart from those famous landmark):

1) Gloria Jeans’s house coffee – Hard to believe but the house coffee at Gloria Jean’s was something out of the world! It seems to be infused with fruit…somehow I couldn’t quite put my finger on what has been added! You can find Gloria Jean’s at the airport.

2) The Fish Burger (Balik Ekmek) – You can find them easily at the Eminonu. The fancy boat where you see them docked by the waterfront is where you can get these delicious fish on bread. Cheapest meal! Cost only 4 TL.

Balik Ekmek - with lemon sauce

3) Stroll along the busy Egyptian Market - Market place has always been a fascination to me. It is at the marketplace where you get to see the life of the local. However, I must admit that this is pretty much "commercialized" for tourist. Don't miss the Grand bazaar which is equally nice except that there were more souvenirs than food.

The copper Turkish coffee pot

Cheese sold at the Egyption Market

4) The intricate designs of the building and even the souvenirs - I must admit that the motives, pattterns and brilliant colour used was intriguing and captivating.

Sikerci Station

5) Gozleme - Turkish pancake which is really thin and stuffed with toppings of your choice. I love the one with Potatoes!

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