Author: Yellow Duckie
Tucked away from the hustle bustle of the busy city of Nairobi, there is a place where local artist (which includes the neighboring countries) store their masterpiece for exhibition and for sale.

This art studio is found along the way to the Tigoni Tea Farms and to be honest one would not even think that there is an art studio in this town called Banana Hill.

From Village Market, on Limuru Road (opposite direction from the UM) and go towards the direction of the tea farm. Watch out for the signboard.

Reason for them setting it up here is because of the cost. There are quite a few nice masterpiece in the stores behind the main exhibition hall and requires some patience to run through each paintings. There are on going exhibition most of the time and you can sign up to receive their news and upcoming events.

Tanzanian Artist's work on exhibition
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