Author: Yellow Duckie
In additional to my last trip to Lake Baringo, I did see something different. I guess it never hurt to visit one place twice.

This time round, I got the chance to visit one of the Pokot tribe family. Like the Masai, their livelihood depends pretty much on their live stock, goats and cows. This family which we visited has got a husband, 6 wives (of which 4 is out in the field hearding their live stocks) and countless number of children.

The man's second wife outside her hut. The Bangle on her left wrist is her "wedding ban" and the girdle she had on her waist is the tigthen the loose belly after child birth. She has a four-month old baby.

Baby Milk bottle
In the Pokot culture, the wives of the man does basically EVERYTHING except hunt for animals. So the wife is expected to build the hut, cook, wash, clean, take cares of children, tend the herd, etc. We were also told that circumcision for both young girls and boys is still practised. Uncircumsized girls are not allowed to get married and as for boys, it marked their manhood.

Pokot Children spending their leisure time
Below is a local fisherman showing us his catch of the day and eventually draw close to our boat to ask for some "kidoko" (tips or money).
Catch of the day: Cat Fish
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