Author: Yellow Duckie
Lake Nakuru is famousfor its massive population of Flamingo, however, lately most of them has migrated to Lake Bogoria which is slightly further up from Lake Nakuru. About 3 (plus) hours from Nairobi, this place is extremely worth the visit. When i was told that we will be heading to Lake Bogoria (as part of our trip to Lake Baringo), I was kind of expecting that it was just another lake. I was wrong and I am glad I was.

The pink shoreline was visible the moment we got closer to the shore of the lake and the amount of flaminoges found in this place was simply amazing! Honestly I have not seen that much when I was in Lake Nakuru last August.
The other highlight of Lake Bogoria is the geyser. Hot steaming water spurting out from the ground. The sight was amazing but the heat was quite untolerable. It would have been much more appreciated if it was in Nairobi (as it is getting colder nowadays at this time of the year).

On our way in, we spotted a Spa Resort in which out of curiousity we stopped by to check it out. The swimming pool of the resort is filled with the natural hot spring water which is coincidentally at body temperature. Apart from that , they do have daily morning trips to the hot springs for sauna. The place quite a nice place for a quiet and relaxing weekend.
Our trip to Lake Bogoria was part of our over night trip to Lake Baringo. You can spend a quick one night getaway to these two lakes. So if you want a "short" trip just over the weekend, you can consider these two destinations.

Local Honey: Can be found around this area. Buy atyour own risk. These local honey are stored in recycled alcohol bottles.
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