Author: Yellow Duckie
What I really like most about Kenya is the easy access for a perfect weekend gateaway. Away from the hustle bustle of city life into the peaceful relaxing weekend spot. I found mine at Lake Naivasha. With just barely 2 hours car ride, you'll find yourself embraced by the beauty of God's creation.

Our choice was Sopa Lodge at Lake Naivasha and it was truly unbeatable. Once you entered the gates, you left all your worries behind. The lodge is well hidden by the lakeside and each room is a little two storey cottage which contains four rooms (two on the ground floor and two above). The rooms on the ground floor open up to the green field leading to the lake. Giraffes and other animals can be easily spotted here. Hippos do get close to the hotel compound in the dark as well.

With the full board service , complimentary use of the swimming pool, gym and steam room, one could not ask for more.
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