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I have to admit that the perfect combination for a long weekend in Kenya is a great road trip plus great company. This time, one of my dear friend has selected Lake Baringo to be our destination for pure pleasure and relaxation. Apart from the heat, this place is fits exactly what we were looking for.

The entire trip took us 4 hours to get to Kampi ya Samaki, the shore of Lake Baringo, from Nairobi. We were then transfered by a moderate speed boat to a "fanstasy island" where you will find absolute solitude from the outside world. However, if you do not want to be disturbed, you might want to toss your phone into the lake while you are being trasnfered from the shore as phone coverage on this island is good.


The tents at Island camp ( where we stayed were surprisingly in good condition and the bathrooms are clean. With the low season in tow, we almost had the whole camp site to ourselves.

By the pool
If you think swimming in the lake, you better forget about it as this place is a haven for the the hungry crocodiles that would be delighted to have you in between their powerful jaw. Besides the murky water is not that inviting anyway. Stick to the pool 3m pool in the campsite is my advise to you.

View point
One of the most enjoyable activities I find is the walk through the village nearby. Instead of having to pay 10 USD to visit a commercial Masai village, we get to stroll into a live village where everyone were running about doing their own business and throw curiousity looks as we passed by without any harrassment. I was told that they were known as the Sea Masai as fishing is part of their survival skills instead of hearding cows.

Smoked Fish


At night, the path in the campsite is well lighted and the lighting effects is breathtaking. Do be cautious as there are alot of creepy crawlies along the way, as close as you can be to nature I would say.


Like many islands which carries a legend to magnified the mysterious character of the island, there is an uncharted island right opposite this island, known as the Devil's Island. According to the locals, if you happen to be in that particular island alone at night, you will hear your name being called. It was also said that screaming can be heard and fire sightings in the island, however, no one has even witness it.
Friendly visitor
I strongly recommend this place if you are looking for a great relaxing weekend.
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