Author: Yellow Duckie
For the first time after having been to Kampala, Uganda for the thrid time, I get to do some shopping. And by that, I mean shopping for souvenirs. I was glad that Helen was on board this time and she knows Kampala at the back of her hand! She took me to the souvenir market behind the cultural center and I just lost myself there. Although the souvenirs are pretty similar to those in Asia, wood craving of animals, scarf, cloth bags, the detail elements is somehow very different.

I stumbled upon something new (new to me at least): soap stones where they use extensively to make jewelry boxes, animal cravings, chess sets, bowls and etc.

Equipped with only 15 Euros in my pocket, as it is always advised to bring no bags with you while you are walking on the street, I thought I could buy the entire market. I was so wrong. 15 Euros went by in a blink of an eye.

I withheld from buying alot of items as I was preparing to buy them when I shift to Nairobi. However, we stumbled upon the Mukisa clay. I went on a shopping galore and selected a whole teapot set and in the end was forced to put back half of my selection due to financial constraint. What attracted me was the natural look of the items and the fact that it keep warms the food or drinks it held for a longer time and in fact it keep cool drinks cool. The fact that I know my money will go for a good cause, i didn't really bargain but my 15 Euros got me only the tea pot, the sugar bowl and the creamer container. Of Course, eventually i went back there for my tea cups.

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